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Root Canals: Pain, Pain Go Away

Root Canals eliminate the affected root so the pain is eliminated

Root canals are needed in teeth for several reasons:

  1. Most commonly because bacterial decay has reached the inner most layer or pulp of a tooth.
  2. If a tooth has broken down past the point of being able to repair it with a filling and pins. In this instance, after the root canal, a post would be placed in one of the canals, thus making the tooth reparable again.

In both instances, to save the tooth, the diseased pulp is removed and the tooth canals are thoroughly cleaned. The tooth is then filled with an artificial pulp and sealed so no further bacteria and decay can enter the tooth. With all of the advances in technology, root canal therapy has become more patient friendly.

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We use one of the most technologically advanced root canal systems. With this system, we can start and finish your root canal in one appointment! As well, the rotary system that we use makes your appointment a lot more relaxing and the outcomes more successful.

2-4 weeks after your root canal, we highly recommend placing a crown on any molars or premolars that have received root canal therapy because of the extreme forces your bite places on these teeth.

As well, now that your tooth has become devitalized with the removal of the blood vessels supplying the tooth, the tooth becomes brittle and more prone to cracking. Front teeth do not need to have crowns placed after root canal therapy.

Here is an x-ray of a tooth before and after the root canal. As you can see, the damaged root has been replaced. The white lines you see in the after image are created by a substance called guttapercha. It is a rubbery material that allows your tooth and surrounding tissue to heal.

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