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It's the virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth without braces

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"In my line of work, I meet face to face with people everyday. With Invisalign I found that going through treatment didn't interfere with my busy lifestyle." - Kelly, Real Estate Agent (Figure 1.1) D. Mitchel

Do you want straight teeth, without the metal and brackets from braces? We're proud to be offering our patients Invisalign in Winnipeg and rural Manitoba. Invisalign is possibly the best way to straighten your teeth without having to live with the "metal mouth" look of traditional braces. That's because Invisalign is a series of clear, removable, plastic aligners that are custom-made for your teeth.

How Invisalign works

Invisalign takes a modern approach to straightening teeth, using a custom-made series of aligners created for you and only you. These aligner trays are made of smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic that you simply wear over your teeth. Wearing the aligners will gradually and gently shift your teeth into place, based on the exact movements we plan out for you. There are no metal brackets to attach and no wires to tighten. You simply pop in a new set of aligners approximately every two weeks, until your treatment is complete and you achieve the confident smile that you've always wanted. The best part about the whole process is that most people won't even know you're straightening your teeth.

Advantages of Invisalign

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