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Fillings: Fact - Small Cavities Get Bigger

If a cavity is ignored for too long before being properly treated, the decay can lead to other, more severe and costly issues.

Very often our eyes will not see a small cavity. We may not even notice the cavity when we eat. Unless you are trained to identify a cavity in the early stages like a dentist is, you won't know it is there until it starts to grow in size. It is important to catch a filling in the beginning stages. In order to fill a cavity, the decay needs to be removed and a small amount of the tooth as well. Once a cavity becomes large, more of the tooth will need to be removed which in turn will weaken the tooth. If too much of the tooth is removed, you will need to start looking at different methods of restoring the tooth. Such as an inlay, an onlay, or a crown.

Did You Know? Shine Dental does not place amalgam fillings, and for aesthetic reasons we can even replace your amalgam (silver) fillings with composite (white) to match your tooth colour!

Ideally, you want to keep as much of your natural tooth as possible and as much money in your wallet as possible! Larger restorations that are more involved are also more expensive.

Most people do not realize that by spending the money up front, it will mostly likely save them huge dental bills in the future. For example, remember that small cavity that you put off?

Well, now it's become larger and it will now cost $180 instead of $90. And what about that inlay? It will now cost you $1400 for a core and crown instead of $650 for the inlay.

Nip it in the bud. It's the same for teeth as it is for flowers: deal with the issue in it's early stages and you won't give way to future problems.

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