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Our thoughts about ourselves are so often influenced by our appearance. I have seen so many patients walk through my door who will smile with their mouth closed to cover their teeth. Some even try to keep a straight face just in case they are tempted to smile, for fear that they may show their teeth.

Think about all the times that you have deliberated on just the right outfit for that function. We will spend money on our hair, our wardrobe, tanning, makeup, working out... But, the truth is that the most lasting impression about someone – is their smile!

The most common reason people don't complete their cosmetic makeover is because their insurance will not pay for it all. It is important to realize that insurance isn't a form of treatment, just a form of payment. A bright inviting smile is priceless! Let your peace of mind be the final factor in making the decision to complete the treatment you want!

We will be happy to walk you through the simple steps for the best results! It is always a fun process for us. Just think of your renewed confidence as you brighten the room with your new smile. Make your appointment for a free smile makeover consultation today!

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