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Orthodontics Overview: Winnipeg Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is more than just cosmetic, it can alleviate many other issues

Straight Teeth and Relieve Migraines

Orthodontics has revolutionized how people are straightening their teeth. It is becoming easier and faster than ever before. With the development of new metals and brackets it has become more comfortable as well. Treatment doesn't only correct teeth that are crooked. It is often a vital element in correcting functional issues as well. Many of my patients are experiencing frequent migraines. Quite often migraines can be linked to alignment problems in the teeth.

How Crooked Teeth Cause Migraines

I know what you're thinking: "How can my crooked teeth cause migraines?" Your bottom jaw is the only jaw that you can move. From a normal resting position with your back teeth touching, this jaw can easily be moved forward, to the right and to the left. Try it! Now, go back to your resting position and then try moving your bottom jaw backwards. Hold it there for about 30 seconds. It hurts, doesn't it?

Did You Know: That one out of four orthodontic patients these days is over the age of 21?

Now imagine if your front, top teeth slanted backwards. It would actually trap your bottom teeth and the bottom jaw too far back. And every time that your back teeth were together, your bottom jaw would be trapped in that painful position. Orthodontics can alleviate this painful situation by uprighting your top teeth and then positioning your bottom jaw in a more comfortable forward position.

Are You at Risk for Future Jaw Problems?

Let's talk for a moment about a few terms. Overbite is a term that describes the amount of overlap of the top teeth over top of the bottom teeth. Overjet is a term that describes the distance that the front teeth are in front of the bottom teeth. So, overbite is a vertical measurement and overjet is a horizontal measurement in a front-to-back dimension. Each of these measurements should approximate 2mm in ideal situations. If either of these measurements are closer to 10mm than 2mm, then you could be at risk for having TMJ problems in the future.

Once we address the issues of present or future headaches, straightening the teeth is pretty easy. I simply would like to ensure that you finish with less pain than you started with.

Our dentists have been trained by orthodontists in winnipeg and around the world.

These are all things that we will discuss when you decide to go ahead with orthodontic treatment. If you are experiencing headaches or simply would like to avoid them in the future, I'd like to invite you to come in for a free smile makeover consultation and we'll guide you in the right direction to alleviate the pain.