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One Appointment Crowns

Giving You More Time to do Whatever is Important to You

"We live in a drive-through, fast food culture. Time is money, and we often postpone the appointments we need because of our busy schedules. Now... one appointment crowns, onlays and inlays. And no impressions.


In an attempt to prevent a potentially costly progression, we are offering CEREC® onlays, inlays and crowns. CEREC® porcelain is the closest known material to our natural teeth, and the durability and lifespan of these restorations far outweigh that of any other filling. Also, by sealing the tooth correctly and avoiding further decay, onlays often preclude the need for root canals. Not only is your tooth structure safeguarded, but your hard-earned money is as well.

Advantages of using CEREC®

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Why CEREC® is best for you and your tooth

In the graph below you'll see why old fillings wear out. It's because they expand and contract at different rates when exposed to hot or cold temperatures. CEREC® is amazing because it contracts and expands at nearly the same rate as your tooth! Which means it could last a lifetime.

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"I was amazed by the tools that Dr. Wong used to restore my tooth this morning. It was fascinating to see my crown made before my eyes and to be out of the office enjoying my new tooth' in less that 2 hours....was incredible! I'll be referring my friends and family. Thanks for the experience." - Deb, Shine Dental Patient